RED aircraft GmbH

RED aircraft is committed to deliver high span performance piston engines for Aviation.

Located in Adenau – Germany, RED offers a full range of engineering services required for engine and powertrain development. All products are designed, tested and produced in-house, starting from a clean sheet of paper, by highly skilled and experienced specialists.


Our production facility is comprehensively equipped with state-of-the-art machining equipment and fully supported by our Quality Assurance System and our highly skilled work force The RED Production System ensures lean manufacturing of extremely complex components with outstanding precision and repeatability. The RED aircraft Quality System is certified to internationally recognized Aviation Quality Standards.


Our products are carefully designed, starting from clean-sheet-of-paper, to meet all the demanding requirements of aircraft and simultaneously deliver best-in-class value in terms of fuel economy, durability, and Total Operating Cost.

Our highly-experienced team of engineers and designers has acquired a vast wealth of know-how and lessons-learned which are now part of our built-in Intellectual Property. This allows us to approach design challenges with creativity and innovation as well as fast turn-around, to provide a competitive edge to our customers.

Development and Testing

Our state-of-the-art test cells provide the perfect test environment for the complete engine-, powertrains and engine sub module testing. Our engineers are skilled to perform the development and test activities, tailored to the aviation requirements, engine performance optimisation and durability of an engine throughout its development.
RED has developed our own proprietary family of functionalities and associated support tools, which include: FADEC, fully certified to DAL-B standard. Engine Simulation unit, which allows customers to evaluate engine performance throughout the entire operating envelope. Maintenance Tool, providing real-time live monitoring of engine parameters and allowing for predictive scheduling of maintenance. Bespoke testing design and execution, to support customer-specific application requirements

Turnkey Solution

Our customers can take advantage from our experience, when integrating the RED A03 engine into their aircraft. The RED service offers support for aircraft integration work, and can provide its own designed engine installation kit, which is solidly flight-tested and is a flight-ready firewall-forward propulsion solution.

We offer development and design assistance in case of any customization work is required.