A03 Engine Press Release

RED A03 achieved the TCDS extension for 550 hp

RED Aircraft A03 V12-cylinder compression ignition engine now available with 550 hp/405 kW.

RED Aircraft is a brand of Raikhlin Aircraft Engine Developments GmbH based in Adenau, Germany. RED Aircraft develops highly sophisticated and innovative engine solutions for motorsports and aviation. The award winning RED A03 series is a V12 compression-ignition engine, offering 500-550 hp/367-405 kW and is targetted to the GA, small commercial aircraft and UAV market intending to improve the eco balance in avoiding inefficient gas turbine designs.

The RED A03 engine holds the EASA TCDS E.150. We are very proud to annouce that our highly experienced engineering team was able to demonstrate the reliable engine operation with a FADEC version allowing 550 hp/405 kW. This allows higher power loads for the typical take-off and cruise performance. Our customers are now able to select the power version suitable for their target needs. Follow this link to the EASA TCDS. The EASA reference shall be updated within the next few days.

This is a result of a combined effort of software design in the FADEC as well as hardware reliablity proof on the mechanical side. Of course we are very proud that EASA was pleased with the results and amended the TCDS accordingly. The Canadian and US TCDS will be updated accordingly.