All the other parts are about strength and dimensions. The cowling is different. Lightweight but strong. Aerodynamic but fitting. Airframe design integration, still doing it’s job. Providing system air flow as intended. Please contact us to talk about your project and the solution you are looking for. We are very happy to offer our experience.


Installations from the central air intake channel to the cooling for the water and air system. The expansion tanks need some attention and the fuel lines from and to the tanks require consideration and the sufficient dimensions. We are offering 3D-CAD design service in a very close cooperation between the design specialists on both sides… Continue reading Cooling


YAK-18T Air-to-air YAK-18T on the Ground YAK-18T Cockpit view YAK-18T front view YAK-18TRight side RED A03 Powered YAK-18T Red aircraft GmbH has successfully fitted its revolutionary RED A03 engine to a YAK18T. By retrofitting a brand new engine to a pre-existing airframe, RED seeks to demonstrate the key benefits provided by the engine to other… Continue reading YAK-18T