RED A03 Powering Innovation

RED Aircraft GmbH presents to the aviation market one of the most viable solutions in hybrid propulsion technology.
The RED A03 powerplant offers superior performance in several key areas making it the ideal solution for EVTOL Platforms and Urban-Air-Mobility.
Raikhlin Aircraft Engine Development’s innovative approach has already been adopted by several manufacturers. Otto Aviation has utilized the RED A03 powerplant in its Celera 500L aircraft to great effect. They have produced an aircraft that boasts a fuel economy that is ten times greater than similar conventionally powered aircraft, with no loss in performance.

The RED A03

German Engineering

The benefits of the RED A03 powerplant for use in hybrid-electric propulsion are numerous. The RED A03-300 series offers: –
Reduced weight. With all-aluminum construction and a dry mass of the only 357KG, the RED A03 gives a significant weight saving compared to traditional turbine engines. The lightweight engine can be effectively deployed in EVTOL aircraft to offset battery weight.

Increased performance. With the use of an ultra-fuel efficient and powerful piston engine, manufacturers gain the ability to charge batteries more quickly, increasing both aircraft range and options.
Cost-saving. Certified to use both Jet-A1 and Avgas, the RED A03-300 engine burns up to 50% less fuel when compared to other similar-sized piston engines. A reduction in fuel used, equates to a further reduction in cost.
Safety and redundancy. The RED A03 engine has been certified for use by EASA and the FAA, and is already being used in various applications. The 500HP V12 engine operates using two, six-cylinder banks. Each cylinder bank is controlled by a dedicated FADEC channel, and is capable of entirely independent operation.

RED Aircraft GmbH

By using the RED A03 engine, aircraft manufacturers will be able to realize completely new opportunities and possibilities in design. In particular, when applied as a means of hybrid electric propulsion.

Hybrid Solution

There are several options available when using this technology.
A parallel hybrid configuration can be employed by using the RED A03-300 Engine. In this instance, thrust is generated by an electric motor, powered by a battery. The RED A03 is used to directly supplement the thrust provided during periods of high load demand such as take off and in the hover. Further to this, by augmenting the thrust provided from the electric motor with a highly efficient piston engine, battery size can be reduced, offering a significant weight saving.
Alternatively, designers could use the lightweight engine in a serial-hybrid configuration. In conventional aircraft, this system of auxiliary power generation is used to supplement various systems. In the serial-hybrid configuration, the electric motor, providing thrust, will be driven exclusively by a battery, which in turn will be replenished constantly and efficiently by the RED A03 Engine.

As stated at the outset, by deploying the RED A03 in a serial-hybrid configuration, flight duration will no longer be as limited by battery size, weight and endurance. The battery size and, therefore flight duration, can be increased due to the significant weight saving made by using a much lighter, and better performing engine.

EVTOL Concept

Of course, one of the primary reasons for the development of EVTOL technology is environmental considerations. From an ecological standpoint, the RED A03 offers several advantages. Due to its optimized use of fuel and high thermodynamic efficiency, it produces significantly less CO2 emissions than any of its competitors. It is also ideally suited to EVTOL aircraft platforms as it is relatively quiet, allowing its use in noise-sensitive areas.
Aircraft designers require unrestricted flexibility. This includes producing aircraft with a useful service ceiling. The RED A03 engine’s capability is just as impressive at altitude. The engine utilizes a single-stage air induction system to provide the perfect balance of power and fuel efficiency. The optimal flight envelope for this system is around 15,000ft. This gives aircraft manufacturers plenty of scope when considering areas in which the RED A03 engine’s highly dynamic performance could be taken advantage of.

Maintenance costs can sometimes prove to be an inhibiting factor, especially in the application of new technology. Fortunately, the RED A03 engine represents an ideal maintenance solution. RED Aviation employs custom-designed maintenance software that can be provided to aircraft operators. This software enables early maintenance decisions, failure prediction, and ensures minimal unscheduled downtime.

RED Aircraft’s A03 engines are already being utilized in several innovative aircraft models that promise to revolutionize air transport. The engine’s history is one of clean-sheet design, built with the sole purpose of providing superior performance and cost-efficiency in aviation.

The benefits presented by the entry of the RED A03 into the EVTOL space are numerous and significant.

RED A03 Certified Aviation Engine

They are a safe and proven solution. With existing approval from both the FAA and EASA, they increase the likelihood of certification within a shorter time frame. This is especially useful for aircraft in a developing niche. The RED A03 also offers a significant increase in aircraft performance and a reduction in operating costs. Red Aircraft is an innovative company that provides dedicated and purpose-built solutions. With the growth of the EVTOL industry, they offer great potential to play a key role in future aviation designs.


  • RED aircraft is a certified Aircraft Engine Manufacturer in Germany.
  • RED holds EASA Design Organization (DOA) Approval -Part 21, Section A Subpart J.
  • RED A03 V12 engine was certified by EASA(EU) in 2014 and FAA(USA) in 2016.