A03 Engine

RED A03 Key Design Features

► Operates with Jet-A fuels

► High safety level with independent circuits for each engine bank:

○ air induction system

○ fuel system

○ cooling system

► FADEC single lever engine control

► Turbocharged

► Self-carrying structure for cantilever installation

► Dry-sump oil system

► heat exchanger

► Designed for lean maintenance

500 hp A03-x03 series EASA TCDS E.150

550 hp A03-x05 series EASA TCDS E.150

► 600 hp A03-xxx series project state, non aviation use.


► Single or twin-stage turbocharge system for utility or high altitude application, A03-20x series.

► Utility gearbox for normal operation including oil reservoire. A03-10x series

► Aerobatic gearbox for inverted operation, external oil reservoire required

► Variable attachment frames for additional alternators and pumps.

► Firewall-forward kit development

► Cooling, Intercooler, thermal management design assistance.