The Irkutsk Aviation Plant Unveils New Yak-152 Trainer with Diesel Piston Engine from RED Aircraft

Yak 152

June 2016

Irkut Corporation’s Irkutsk Aviation plant (IAZ) has recently complemented the central body of its aircraft with the wing of a Yak-152 Trainer prototype.  This twin-seat trainer was unveiled at the recently concluded Singapore Airshow and the first flight is expected to take off by the end of 2019.  Future planning includes both diesel as well as petrol-powered versions of the prototype.

Apart from the carbon-plastic made engine cowling, the body of the aircraft is a semi-monocoque structure with metal construction. Aluminium alloys have been used to construct the wings. In addition to ease of repair and ruggedness, this metallic constriction has ensured low cost and simplicity of manufacturing.  

RED Aircraft, a Germany-based aircraft piston-engine manufacturer, has supplied the diesel piston engine for the Yak-152 prototype. The two available versions of this engine are the 500-hp A03/V12 and 300-hp A05/V6.

Fitted with the Zvezda SKS-94M2 escape system, the Yak-152 delivers a range of 932 miles, a top speed of 310 mph, and has the landing field requirements of 1,230 ft and 1,380 ft on grass and hard runways, respectively. Experts suggest that this aircraft will appeal specifically to sport fliers and for export.   

Located in Adenau, Germany, RED Aircraft offers a full range of engineering services required for engine and powertrain development. RED engines are qualified for all categories-classes-types of CS-23 and CS-27 aircraft, which are suitable for utility, commuter, aerobatic or agricultural applications. The RED A03 can potentially provide a best-fit for a helicopter, Auxiliary-Power-Units- (APUs), Hybrid Airships and Hybrid-Electric Aviation. RED Aircraft GmbH also provides flight-ready aircraft installation kits on request.

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About RED Aircraft:  RED aircraft is committed to delivering high span performance piston engines for aviation. The company offers a full range of engineering services required for engine and powertrain development. All products are designed, tested and produced in-house, starting from a clean sheet of paper, by highly skilled and experienced specialists.