RED aircraft look forward to Sealand’s DHC-2 Beaver fitted with the RED A03 engine

RED aircraft GmbH is eagerly looking forward to the maiden flight of a DHC-2 Beaver, owned and operated by Sealand Aviation, fitted with the RED A03 Engine. Development continues to fit the airframe with its new, more economical engine. The aircraft operator shares RED’s enthusiasm, excitement, and confidence in the revolutionary new engine.

September 2021

In conjunction with Sealand Aviation, RED Aircraft anticipates that the first flight of a modified DeHavilland Beaver DHC-2 will take place soon. The revolutionary RED A03 engine has already been fixed to the airframe and is now undergoing checks and calibration with a newly designed fuel system. Once this is complete, the aircraft will undergo further maintenance with other key additions, such as custom-made cowling and the installation of the Full Authority Digital Engine Control (FADEC).

The DeHavilland DHC-2 is an iconic aircraft that has operated as aviation’s workhorse in remote regions around the world for decades. Its short take-off and landing capability and ability to carry large payloads make it the ideal choice for inhospitable terrain. These standout features are only further enhanced by the addition of the new RED A03 engine.

Sealand team take delivery of RED A03 engine
Sealand take delivery of the RED A03

Bill Alder, President, of Sealand Aviation made the following statement as to why the RED A03 was chosen: –

“I see the RED A03 engine as the ideal intermediate step in getting to zero-emission power for the Beaver and other aircraft. The lower fuel burn with increased horsepower allows for faster airspeed and bigger payloads. This will keep the Beaver as a viable aircraft for the foreseeable future and lowers the aircraft’s environmental impact.

The advantages of the RED A03 are numerous. The engine offers unsurpassed fuel efficiency and high power output. In a world charged with ensuring a green future, it is a natural choice.

Enrico Evers, Head of Sales RED aircraft GmbH

“Working with Sealand Aviation provides us with a fantastic opportunity to show the world how the RED A03 can transform an established airframe such as the DHC-2 Beaver.

We believe that upgrading popular airframes with modern clean sheet-designed engines such as ours will help create a greener aviation sector. Saving fuel, lowering emissions, and reducing costs for the operators.”

The RED A03 is used in brand new concept designs but can also be retrofitted to older airframes. To facilitate this in the DHC-2, Sealand has recruited the services of Hardwood Custom Composites, who are charged with creating cowling to accommodate the new engine.

Sealand is no stranger to making modifications to aircraft to ensure peak performance in harsh environments. Over the last 40 years, it has worked with DeHavilland to develop several supplemental type certificates (STC’s). The latest adaptation of the DeHavilland Beaver should demonstrate how greater efficiency is still possible, using innovative solutions, such as the RED A03 powerplant.

Upon completing the final few remaining tasks, the aircraft will undergo an approval process, authorizing the test flight. It has yet to be decided whether this will take place on wheels or floats. The final decision for the trials will rest on the remaining timescale available. The Beaver, fitted with the RED engine, will be expected to operate in various climates and configurations.

Sealand prides itself on excellent customer service and cost-effectiveness. The RED A03 allows for easy maintenance to minimize downtime and ensures that operators have a safe and reliable system.

If you would like to see the progress of this exciting project’s continued development, you can keep track at the dedicated Facebook page here.

To learn more about the RED A03 engine and see the huge potential it offers to various airframes and operators, visit Red Aircraft here.