Game-Changing Piston Engine RED A03 Selected by PRO-Avia For Twin Engine Aircraft

RED A03 Engine, a lightweight, all-aluminum, 12-cylinder, high-compression-ignition engine from RED Aircraft GmbH, has been selected by PRO-Avia at the design stage of a multipurpose, twin-engine aircraft for 9-14 passengers. A noted expert in delivering high span performance piston engines for aviation, RED Aircraft GmbH offers a comprehensive range of engineering services for engine and powertrain development. 

July 2nd, 2020

RED Aircraft GmbH has just announced that its RED A03 Engine has been incorporated at the design stage of PRO-Avia’s new twin-engine aircraft. PRO-Avia is a Russian company engaged in the implementation, maintenance, and refinement of aviation equipment. RED Aircraft GmbH, on the other hand, is a noted provider of engine and powertrain development engineering services. 

PRO-Avia has started the preliminary design of a light multi-purpose twin-engine aircraft for 9-14 passengers. The aircraft will allow for a wide range of tasks and to cover greater distances . The twin-engine aircraft is set to have better takeoff, landing and cruising characteristics compared to a single-engine aircraft.

Twin-engine aircrafts also offer higher fail-safety because they can continue the flight in the event of a single engine failure. The aircraft designed by PRO-Avia is also expected to allow the carriage of larger weight and dimensions including LD3-46 aviation containers with ramp execution. 

The Pro Avia

RED A03 from RED Aircraft GmbH is a lightweight, all-aluminum, compression-ignition, internal combustion 12-cylinder engine in 80° V configuration with two six-cylinder banks capable of independent operation. This engine was selected by PRO-Avia because of the many benefits it brings to the table. Firstly, this high-efficiency engine has a significantly lower fuel consumption at partial engine load, transient and hot and high conditions.  Other important benefits beside low fuel burn are low exhaust gas pollution, reduced noise emission, high thermodynamic efficiency and excellent altitude performance.

“We are pleased that PRO-Avia is using our RED A03s part of its preliminary design for its light multi-purpose twin-engine aircraft. It is important to note that our certified aviation engine is a clean-sheet-of-paper, purpose-designed engine for aircraft application. We continue to work with other companies who are innovating and creating hybrid solutions,” said Head of Business Development Sebastian Glück

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About RED Aircraft GmbH:  RED Aircraft GmbH is committed to delivering high span performance piston engines for aviation. The company offers a full range of engineering services required for engine and powertrain development. All products are designed, tested and produced in-house, starting from a clean sheet of paper, by highly skilled and experienced specialists.