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RED aircraft Recap 2020

2020 certainly has been a year to remember. Industries the world over have faced challenges that in previous years would have seemed impossible. The aviation sector has shouldered a weighty burden. Companies that have thrived in such an environment have been forward-thinking and innovative. They have kept up their momentum, regardless of the numerous challenges.

RED aircraft GmbH has not stood still and has kept moving in its goal to offer cost-effective and versatile solutions to aircraft manufacturers. It has been a busy year for RED aircraft. The efforts and achievements made and gained during 2020 offer glimmers of exciting things to come as we advance. Let’s take a look at the events that have taken place in 2020 and what we can expect for the future

RED aircraft has always strived to maintain constant movement and be forward-thinking. It started the year by appointing a new CEO. On March 18th, 2020, Dmitry Remsha took the helm of the company as its new CEO. Dmitry brought a treasure trove of experience in several areas, including; project management, aviation, recruitment, and advertising. By serving RED aircraft as CFO, Dmitry already had experience with the company and made his vision for the future very clear:

“I look forward to building on the great work already done by RED aircraft, and helping it soar to new heights…I look forward to expanding RED aircraft’s presence in the industry as well as building on its strong reputation.”

This clear goal would place RED aircraft in good stead for the months ahead.

In the months following, RED had already continued to excel. Proof of this vision was readily evident. On April 7th 2020, RED aircraft GmbH received their certificate of Aerospace Standard EN 9100:2018.

By participating in a comprehensive review and auditing process, RED aircraft was able to gain a certification that ensured existing, and future customers could enjoy all of the benefits of enhanced customer confidence and satisfaction.

The certification demonstrates that a supplier has met very stringent requirements in creating, and maintaining, a quality management system. This system ensures the reliability and safety of products in the aviation industry.

The acquisition of this certification highlighted RED aircraft’s commitment to quality management. They were allowing customers to be confident in the quality of RED’s product.

RED aircraft will continue to ensure this high standard is maintained by participating in thorough audits to ensure compliance.

By June, RED aircraft proved that it would continue to fly and look forward to the future. On June 5th 2020, the company announced its commitment to providing supplemental type certificates, vital to incorporating new propulsion technology.

The supplemental type certificate, or simply ‘STC’ is an authority approved means to modify or repair existing aircraft types. Showing its commitment to STC, RED Aircraft sought to expand the number of different airframes that would utilise its ultra-efficient RED A-03 series engine.

Aside from the growing portfolio of existing aircraft that utilised the engine, RED Aircraft began to seek new partnership applications for use with its product.

RED aircraft is a progressive company and wasn’t one to let global turmoil dampen its ambitions. While COVID-19 disrupted many events, RED Aircraft sought to make good on its commitments using innovative technology.

On June 10th 2020, RED confirmed its ongoing participation in the world’s first-ever digital aerospace trade show. The ILS Aerospace convention ran from May 13th until July 31st 2020. RED Aircraft utilised the opportunity to connect with customers and experts in the industry to discuss critical issues and find solutions that would allow the industry to navigate the ongoing crisis.

A key area was, of course, ‘Green Aviation’. By presenting itself as a manufacturer that produced ultra-efficient propulsion solutions, the event was an ideal venue for RED Aircraft to show its value within the industry. The event’s culmination was to look towards what the ‘aerospace of tomorrow’ would look like, of which RED Aircraft was enthusiastic about playing an essential part.

Making good on its vision for the future, RED aircraft put its principles into practice. On July 2nd 2020, RED Aircraft announced its selection as the engine manufacturer of choice for a new aircraft.

PRO-Avia, a Russian aircraft manufacturer, sought to use the RED A-03 in a new twin-engine, multi-purpose aircraft. The company required a power plant that would be fuel-efficient, affording greater range and offering the flexibility for the airframe’s use in several roles.

By utilising the engine in the design phase, PRO-Avia ensured optimal take-off, cruise, and landing performance with the added benefit of safety and redundancy.

Innovation can’t stand still however. RED aircraft was keen to ensure that the utilisation of its product in other applications. The US agricultural market provided the ideal user for high performance and very powerful piston engines.

On July 21st 2020, RED aircraft announced its membership in the National Agricultural Aviation Association (NAAA). The organisation, which has been in existence since 1966,  supports small businesses and pilots involved with commercial aerial applications. The organisation provides opportunities for its member services to share information and networks.

By becoming a member, RED Aircraft looked forward to attending the NAAA Ag Aviation Expo, held later in the year. The Expo presented the ideal opportunity to showcase the benefits of the RED A03 piston engine. The benefits provided by RED Aircraft to agricultural operators were swiftly realised. Andrew Moore, NAAA Chief Executive Officer, stated that the RED A03 engine was: –

an exciting product needed for the ag aviation industry to help train and develop experience for the next generation of ag pilots and to diversify the industry’s fleet.”

Perhaps RED aircraft’s most innovative achievement for the year came on September 9th 2020. A California based company called Otto Aviation unveiled an aircraft that sought to compete within an established market, offering greater efficiency and comfort, with the promise of revolutionising the aviation industry.

The Otto Celera 500L prided itself on being one of the most revolutionary aircraft ever built. The inclusion of the RED A03 was a crucial element in the designer’s dream becoming a reality. David Bogue, CFO of Otto Aviation, stated: –

“We evaluated several engine options for the Celera 500L. The RED engine outperformed each one with exceptional efficiency through higher altitudes. We’re delighted to partner with RED on this aircraft using their certified engine.” 

Red aircraft response was an equal mix of honour and excitement. The fusion of innovative aircraft design, propelled by an equally innovative engine design, offers great promise for the future.

Since its conception at the turn of the last century, aviation has always been an industry typically vulnerable to disruption. It is clear that, as 2020 draws to a close, those who succeed are those who look to the future and are proactive in developing new and innovative solutions.

Those who succeed in ‘uncertain times’ will find themselves well placed to face any challenges in the future. Uncertainty always brings great change. By continuing to embrace change head-on and seek practical solutions to common problems in aviation, RED aircraft looks forward to a very bright future indeed. We’ll see you in 2021.

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