New Yak Trainer Has RED Aircraft Engine

United Aircraft Corporation has revealed for the first time details of the production version of Yakovlev Yak-152, Perhaps surprisingly, it eschews the venerable VOKBM M14 radial engine, which was expected to be carried forward from the current Yak-52 opting instead for a German diesel.

Raikhlin Aircraft Engine Developments GmbH (RED) is based in Adenau (Nürburgring), near Cologne. Established by Vladimir Raikhlin in 2008, based on a previous venture founded in 1995, it offers V6 and V12 aero-engines, the larger of which has been test-flying in a civilian Yak-52 since 2010. Rated at 500 hp, it is this, designated A03, which has been selected for the new trainer, married to a German propeller, the variable-pitch, three-blade MTV-9.

First mooted over a decade ago, the Yak-152 initially made little progress, even in spite of an agreement with China that was to have seen it enter military service there as the Hongdu L-7/CJ-7. One M14-powered example conducted a brief evaluation in that country in 2010, but nothing further has been revealed.