New Yak Trainer Has RED Aircraft Engine

United Aircraft Corporation has revealed for the first time details of the production version of Yakovlev Yak-152, which has been selected as the new primary trainer of the Russian Air Force. Perhaps surprisingly, it eschews the venerable VOKBM M14 radial engine, which was expected to be carried forward from the current Yak-52 opting instead for […]

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Hi-Tech ECU brings Diesel efficiency to aircraft engine

Piston engines for aeroplanes exclusively burn gasoline – to be more exact, heavily leaded AVGAS. While fuel-efficient Diesel engines see growing acceptance in cars, above the clouds rather old gas guzzler designs still dominate the market. Now engine design company RED aircraft GmbH has introduced a Diesel engine for small aeroplanes. “As an alternative to […]

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Powerful Piston Engine by RED Aircraft Tested in Germany

Raikhlin Aircraft Engine Developments (RED), a new venture founded by Wladimir Raikhlin and his associates, has flown a 500-horsepower diesel engine on a modified Yak 52. The propeller for the water-cooled, twelve-cylinder engine called RED A03 is gear driven. It was built by RED Aircraft GmbH in Adenau, Germany. The engine generates 500 hp for takeoff at […]

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