A03 Engine A03 Technical Data

A03 Certificates

Our certificates

New Zealand CAA
DOA EASA.21J.433 and TCDS E.150 - Updated 2022-07
The Russian Federation CAA
Produced in an EN9100 certified environment
Made in Germany
A03 Engine A03 Technical Data


Full authority digital engine control
FADEC by RED Aircraft

  • Developed and certified according to DO-254 DAL B. The software  
  • Voll redundanter Aufbau mit zwei identischen Lanes
  • IBIT und CBIT Überwachung mit automatischem Lanewechsel im Fehlerfall
  • Betriebsdaten- und Fehleraufzeichnung
  • CAN-Bus Interface zur Fehleranalyse und Auswertung der Betriebsdaten
  • Serielle Schnittstelle zum Cockpit
  • Optionale bidirektionale Schnittstelle
  • Intelligenter Watch Dog
  • The EECU operates two independant and seperately operational Lanes.
  • All sensors for the core controller functions are fully redundant.
  • In case of a sensor failure for non-essential controller systems, the values are replaced by data provided in the other segment.
  • Informelle Sensoren (nicht regelungsrelevant) sind einfach vorhanden, werden aber von beiden Lanes gelesen
  • Stromversorgung der FADEC ist für zwei unabhängige Systeme ausgelegt
A03 Engine A03 Technical Data

RED A03 Technical Data



No. Of cyl
and arrangement

V12 – 80°

Fuel type

Jet A1, kerosene type fuels acc. To
ASTM D1655, Def Stan 91-91 and GOST 10227 up to a maximum ignition delay time of 8.06 ms/minimum derived cetane number of 27.9 (determined according EN 15195/ASTM D6890)

Power A03-x03

500 hp – 378 kW/4,000 rpm

Power A03-x05

550 hp – 405 kW/4,000 rpm

Power A03-non aviation use (project

600 HP – 441 kW


372 CUI – 6.1 l

Bore & stroke

3.38″x3.46″ – 86×88 mm

Valves per cylinder


Camshaft system

gear driven dual overhead camshaft


Single or 2-stage system

Fuel system

Common rail high preasure system 1,600 bar – 23,206 psi

Electrical system

2x28V 3.5 kW alternator

Reduction gear


Dry mass w/o gearbox

290 kg – 640 lbs

Dry mass with normal/utility

363 kg – 800 lbs

Dry mass with aerobatic gearbox

357 kg – 787 lbs

Fuel Flow take-off power

85 KG/H – 187 lbs/h

Fuel Flow MCP

77 KG/H – 169 lbs/h

Fuel Flow 400 hp

65 KG/H – 143 lbs/h

Fuel Flow 300 hp

47 KG/H – 103 lbs/h

Engine control system

FADEC, EECU, EECS, sensors, Design Assurance Level B cert. ompliant RTCA DO-254,
DO-178B, DO-160G