Otto Aviation Celera 500L

The simple quote from the OTTO AVIATION Homepage:BUILT.FLOWN.PROVEN. We really appreciated the smooth and highly professional integration of our engine into this breathtaking new aircraft design. A good part of the SAF compliance and evaluation was done in this project. CELERA 500L _2021 from Otto Aviation on Vimeo.

RED Aircraft Yak 18 in flight


YAK-18T Air-to-air YAK-18T on the Ground YAK-18T Cockpit view YAK-18T front view YAK-18TRight side RED A03 Powered YAK-18T Red aircraft GmbH has successfully fitted its revolutionary RED A03 engine to a YAK18T. By retrofitting a brand new engine to a pre-existing airframe, RED seeks to demonstrate the key benefits provided by the engine to other …

AT-301 with TED A03

Air Tractor AT-301

The AT-301 is widely used for agricultural work and was manufactured by Air Tractor in the US since 1976. The original engine was a P&W R-1340 designed in the 20th of the last century. Although the production numbers were rather high over the years, the fuel consumption and the spare part availability became a real …

RED A03 achieved the TCDS extension for 550 hp

RED Aircraft A03 V12-cylinder compression ignition engine now available with 550 hp/405 kW. RED Aircraft is a brand of Raikhlin Aircraft Engine Developments GmbH based in Adenau, Germany. RED Aircraft develops highly sophisticated and innovative engine solutions for motorsports and aviation. The award winning RED A03 series is a V12 compression-ignition engine, offering 500-550 hp/367-405 …

RED A03 Mission profile

RED engines are qualified for all categories-classes-types of CS-23 and CS-27 aircraft including: Utility Commuter Aerobatic Agricultural Application Innovation concepts from air taxis to electric helicopters Aircraft for high altitude application. UAV LTA – Blimp – Airships Groundeffect and Hovercraft Maritime application Generators and eHybrid solutions, land- air- or sea-based Please contact us if you …

RED A03 Key Design Features

► Operates with Jet-A fuels ► High safety level with independent circuits for each engine bank: ○ air induction system ○ fuel system ○ cooling system ► FADEC single lever engine control ► Turbocharged ► Self-carrying structure for cantilever installation ► Dry-sump oil system ► heat exchanger ► Designed for lean maintenance ► 500 hp A03-x03 series EASA TCDS E.150 …

RED A03 Technical Data



No. Of cyl
and arrangement

V12 – 80°

Fuel type

Jet A1, kerosene type fuels acc. To
ASTM D1655, Def Stan 91-91 and GOST 10227 up to a maximum ignition delay time of 8.06 ms/minimum derived cetane number of 27.9 (determined according EN 15195/ASTM D6890)

Power A03-x03

500 hp – 378 kW/4,000 rpm

Power A03-x05

550 hp – 405 kW/4,000 rpm

Power A03-non aviation use (project

600 HP – 441 kW


372 CUI – 6.1 l

Bore & stroke

3.38″x3.46″ – 86×88 mm

Valves per cylinder


Camshaft system

gear driven dual overhead camshaft


Single or 2-stage system

Fuel system

Common rail high preasure system 1,600 bar – 23,206 psi

Electrical system

2x28V 3.5 kW alternator

Reduction gear


Dry mass w/o gearbox

290 kg – 640 lbs

Dry mass with normal/utility

363 kg – 800 lbs

Dry mass with aerobatic gearbox

357 kg – 787 lbs

Fuel Flow take-off power

85 KG/H – 187 lbs/h

Fuel Flow MCP

77 KG/H – 169 lbs/h

Fuel Flow 400 hp

65 KG/H – 143 lbs/h

Fuel Flow 300 hp

47 KG/H – 103 lbs/h

Engine control system

FADEC, EECU, EECS, sensors, Design Assurance Level B cert. ompliant RTCA DO-254,
DO-178B, DO-160G