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Long endurance UAVs

RED aircraft Drone Engines

The certified RED A03 engine has many applications including UAVs. In recent years the world has seen prolific use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). They are fast becoming a leading technology in aviation, from military, surveillance, freight and logistics to search and rescue, communications, and medical delivery

What is a UAV?

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), sometimes referred to as drones, are aircraft without an onboard pilot. UAVs operate with varying degrees of autonomy, such as remotely controlled by a human operator or autonomously by onboard computers

The benefits of UAVs are numerous. Due to the absence of a physical human pilot, they can carry greater payloads and are ideally suited to hazardous operations or longer missions.

Cargo and Logistics Drones

In 2019, the first UAV delivery was made in the US state of Virginia by Google’s start-up Wing. Wing also launched its first air service in Australia in 2019 which let users place orders for food, coffee and pharmacy items through a phone application, and delivered those items to their homes by UAV within minutes. In October 2019, UPS became the first FAA-approved UAV airline in the US, following a successful trial of its service on a WakeMed hospital campus.

Range, endurance and payload carrying capability are key when UAVs are used in Cargo and Logistics. The RED A03 performs exceptionally well concerning fuel efficiency and power output.

By utilising the RED A03, operators can be sure that they are getting the highest possible level of performance from an engine. Fewer stops and longer flight times can add to UAV efficiency.

UAV Communications For The Future

Source: 5g.co.uk

To achieve ubiquitous coverage, satellite communication, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) communication, and maritime communication will be integrated into terrestrial cellular networks to provide seamless network access. UAV communication networks are deemed as a promising solution to extend the coverage of existing networks and improve the Quality-of-Service in hotspot areas.

Drones are becoming paramount in providing unbroken communications networks. The last thing communication operators need is a ‘weak link’ in the chain. It is vital that aircraft used in coordinating communication are aloft, in the right place, at the right time. By deploying the RED A03 engine as a solution, communications drones’ reliability can be counted on.

Electrical output is another area that is crucial in maintaining reliable communications. The RED A03 can be deployed as a powerplant and APU, providing reliable electrical output.

A Hybrid Solution for UAVs?

UAV operators may seek to utilise purely electric engines. Fitting a heavy battery to power a purely electric engine comes with performance penalties including shorter flight times and reduced payload.

The RED A03 has been utilised in many configurations. Either as a parallel hybrid, where the engine supplements a battery-powered electric motor, or in a serial hybrid configuration. This is when the RED A03’s efficient output is used to drive a generator, which charges a battery. The latter allows users to launch missions with a much smaller battery.

In addition, the RED A03 is significantly quieter than traditional propulsion solutions, making it an excellent option if an aircraft is required to operate covertly.

The RED A03 Advantage

When a UAV is deployed maintenance options, can often be limited. Operators will need advanced notice of diagnostic information to ensure minimal downtime. The RED A03 has Full Authority Digital Engine Control (FADEC). This provides accurate and up-to-the-minute technical information at the push of a button, allowing users to plan missions more effectively. The FADEC is certified to design assurance level B.is certified according to the civil aviation standards DO-178B for Software and DO-254 for Hardware.

Common commercial applications and uses for UAV Drones

Surveillance Aerial Photography & Videography
Mapping & Surveying
Asset Inspection
Payload carrying
Crop spraying
Crop monitoring
Multispectral/thermal/NIR cameras
Live streaming events
Emergency Response
Search and Rescue
Marine Rescue
Disaster zone mapping
Disaster Relief
Monitoring Poachers
Product Delivery

UAV Propulsion – UAV Engine Supplier

The RED A03 compression-ignition engine, has many environmental benefits when compared with other equivalent propulsion solutions. Characterised by significantly lower CO2 emissions, the RED A03 is also an optimal platform for development of hybrid-electric aircraft installations.n You can read more about the RED A03 variations here