About Us

“Our company produces aviation engines that are proven to reduce emissions, maintenance costs whilst generating outstanding performance and efficiency. We look to continue our growth working on a wide range of projects from retrofitting older airframes to hybrid innovations. RED aircraft is committed to providing solutions that serve to reduce the sectors carbon footprint ”

Our mission is to power today’s and tomorrow’s aircraft efficiently and cost-effectively. We will achieve this by using highly efficient internal combustion engines, the use of alternative fuels, and hybrid technologies such as electrification. Make flying less expensive, more environmentally friendly and more effective. Our Strategies:

  • Our engines use the most modern combustion processes to optimize fuel consumption and reduce CO2 emissions.
  • By coupling the combustion engine with the electric motor, consumption optimizations unmatched efficiency is achieved.
  • By using SAF (Sustainable Aviation Fuel), the engines have a CO2 neutral footprint.
  • By burning green hydrogen, the RED engines can be operated in an even more environmentally friendly way.

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. Our engines are characterised by significantly lower CO2 emissions. RED aircraft is pioneering aviation engine manufacture, working with hybrid technology, retrofitting older airframes to new game-changing aircraft and innovations.

RED aircraft offers unique technical competencies, fast turnaround, and a passion for excellence.