About RED Aircraft

RED aircraft GmbH is an innovative aviation engine manufacturer located in Adenau, Germany. We have approval from EASA and the FAA to produce high-performance engines, for use in several aviation platforms. We are proud members of the German Aerospace Industry Association.

RED aircraft GmbH produces aviation engines on-site that have been proven to reduce emissions and maintenance costs whilst generating outstanding performance. Our engines offer an outstanding degree of efficiency in a range of aircraft types from high-performance training aircraft, high-speed commuter aircraft to hybrid air vehicles.

Our key product is the certified RED A03, qualified for all categories-classes-types of CS-23 and CS-27 aircraft, which include Utility, Commuter, Aerobatic, and Agricultural Applications. The RED A03 provides a best-fit for Helicopters, Auxiliary Power Units (APUs), Hybrid Airships and Hybrid-Electric Aviation

The company made global headlines when its powerplant was revealed as being behind the revolutionary ‘ bullet plane’ Celera 500L. The aircraft cruises at speeds in the region of 390 knots. In some instances matching the performance of many smaller business jet aircraft but at a fraction of the cost.

RED is an EASA approved and certified Design Organization according to standard ISO 9100. The company provides a range of contract manufacturing services utilizing its state of the art equipment, technical expertise, fast turnaround, and passion for excellence


  1. 1995
    Raikhlin Engine Developments(RED)is founded by Vladimir Raikhlin
  2. 2000
    RED is contracted by the motor industry including Toyota, Porsche and Mercedes to develop high performance engines. These were subsequently used at Le Mans, in Formula 1 and in prototype developments
  3. 2004
    RED engineering expertise is utilised at the Le Mans Endurance Series in a Porsche 996 Turbo. Senior engine designer Norbert Kreyer leaves Toyota and becomes part of the team at RED.
  4. 2008
    RED aircraft GmbH is launched with the intention of creating high performance, fuel-efficient piston engines. Vladimir Raikhlin builds a larger team of experts who are tasked to produce a prototype 12-cylinder, ultra-fuel-efficient aero engine. This would subsequently be designated the RED A03.
  5. 2010
    The RED A03 completes its first flight test. It provides amazing performance, generating 500 HP whilst weighing a total of just 370kg. The engine provided significantly better fuel efficiency compared to Turbine engines
  6. 2013
    EASA/European Aviation Safety Agency awards a Design Organization Approval to RED aircraft GmbH.
  7. 2014
    The RED A03 receives certification from the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). Following its approval, the company attracts new business from large-scale OEM customers.This resulted in demand for specialist variations of the RED A03. The company’s facility in Adenau Germany is developed further to meet the new demand
  8. 2015
    RED A03-100 Series variant is developed and fitted to the new YAK 152 aircraft a high-performance training aircraft. The use of the RED A03 102 engine allows the aircraft to perform inverted flights, high power manoeuveres and provides excellent climb performance.
  9. 2016
    The RED A03 is granted approval for use in aviation by the USA Federal Aviation Authority (FAA). OEM client requirements resulted in the development of the RED A03 300 series. This version produces enhanced take-off performance and is suitable for rotary wing, hybrid, APU’s and Airships
  10. 2017
    Client requirements lead to the development of the RED A03 200 series. The variant of the RED A03 was designed specifically for very high altitude. It provides full takeoff power up to 25,000ft with an operational altitude of up to 50,000ft. The version features a twin stage turbocharger induction system
  11. 2018
    The RED A03-102 engine model which is configured for aerobatic, trainer aircraft applications is certified by EASA.
  12. 2019
    RED A03 derivative RED A03-005 is developed for clients who required increased takeoff performance power of 550 HP
  13. 2020
    RED aircraft GmbH are awarded the Certificate of Quality Management Systems according to EN 9100:2018 by AirCert, complying to the requirements set in Aviation, Space and Defence Industry. The Otto Aviation Celera 500L is unveiled, it is a concept aircraft, utilising a clean sheet design, and seeks to set a new standard in commercial air transportation. The aircraft manufacturers selected to use the RED A03 engine, as it exceeded the requirements needed to ensure they achieved their planned performance. Dmitry Remsha succeeds Vladimir Raikhlin as the new CEO of RED aircraft.

The Future…

Red aircraft continues to establish itself as the go-to solution for innovative new types. The engine is also utilized as a hybrid solution in the Airlander HAV 304. We intend to power innovation that looks towards Electric Flight and Hybrid aviation read Powering Innovation

Meet our CEO

At RED aircraft we seek to change the face of the aviation industry for the better by using innovative solutions and our own in-house expertise. Our CEO Dmitry Remsha has the experience and knowledge to achieve this.

“It’s an incredible time to be working in an organization that has been pioneering innovations to improve the aviation sector. I look forward to building on the great work already done by RED aircraft, and helping it soar to new heights.

As a change agent in the global aviation space, I look forward to expanding RED Aircraft’s presence in the industry”

Dmitry Remsha has served as the leader of RED aircraft since March 2020 and represents the main shareholder in the business.  Accompanying our CEO is a wealth of experience in both aviation and project management. Dmitry acts as the main representative of the company and will oversee all operations and resources.

Dmitry’s previous experience includes being the Executive Director of Recary LTD. He is currently the Director of a global online advertising platform, Yengo Pte Ltd. He has a First Class Honors Degree in International Economic Relations from Belarusian State University.

We Bring:

  • Unrivaled efficiency. The performance of a gas turbine in a piston engine.
  • Safety. Our engines have been certified by EASA and the FAA.
  • Cost-saving. A long-term reduction in fuel burn and maintenance costs.
  • Reduced environmental impact. Reduced emissions. Reduced noise.
  • Innovation. A versatile solution for numerous airframe applications.

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