A03-20x Series High Altitude

The RED A03-200 series is a derivative of the proven RED A03-003 engine model, developed for very high-altitude operation. This variant can be combined with the 500 and 550 hp power versions.

The 200-Series is equiped with the NORMAL category gearbox as the complexity of the aerobatic oil distribution is rather uncommon in high altitudes.

A03 type design is certified in compliance to EASA CS-E / TYPE-CERTIFICATE-DATA-SHEET No.: E.150.

Key Operational Features

  • Developed for very high altitude operation
  • up to 15 km – FL500
  • MCP rating – 460 SHP at FL250
  • High altitude restart capability
  • Digital FADEC for unmanned operation¬†
  • Dry-sump oil system.
  • Integrated engine oil and gearbox oil tank.
  • Integrated engine oil and gearbox oil heat exchanger.
  • Designed for lean maintenance.
Normally included:
  • FADEC & electric looms
  • Engine starter
  • Engine and gearbox oil subsystem
  • incl. oil tank and heat exchanger
  • Exhaust system and turbochargers

Possible options:

  • propeller governor
  • engine display
  • fuel boost pumps and regulators
  • alternators