A03-102 Series Aerobatic

The 100 series engine model is designed for advanced trainer and aerobatic aircrafts. The engine is approved for high positive-& negative g-load factors, high angular rotation velocities and inverted flight.

This gearbox variant can be combined with the 500 and 550 hp power versions as well as high altitude mission layouts.

A seperate oil reservoire suitable for the designed mission profile and connecting pipes need to be considered in the design process.

A03 type design is certified in compliance to EASA CS-E / TYPE-CERTIFICATE-DATA-SHEET No.: E.150.

Key Operational Features

Certified for

  • +9g positive load factor
  • -7g negative load factor
  • Inverted flight operation
  • Aerobatic maneuvers
Normally included:
  • FADEC & electric looms
  • Engine starter
  • Exhaust system and turbochargers

Possible options:

  • propeller governor
  • engine display
  • fuel boost pumps and regulators
  • alternators