Our Mission

We are replacing old technology with our clean-sheet design modern engines and working with innovative hybrid applications. Our engines by design reduce C02 emissions and have efficiency built-in.

We offer state of the art piston engines for the use of Jet A fuels. Due to efficient combustion, we are reducing CO2 emissions. The engines are used by OEM’s, in STC’s as well as in hybrid applications.

Game changing aviation compression-ignition engines that have environmental benefits built-in. Characterized by significantly lower CO2 emissions. High thermodynamic efficiency drives low fuel consumption. Use of alternative fuels like SAF further reduce the CO2 footprint.
The FADEC controlled engines use electronic engine control systems optimizing performance, providing operators with insights to reduce fuel consumption and reduce maintenance costs. Simple start procedures, FADEC self test and the single power control lever operation reduces pilot workload and increases safety.
The RED A03 offers 50% lower fuel burn compared to turbine engines in the same power category. Optimised combustion results in reduced exhaust emissions. The ability to operate with Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) make our power plants the ideal solution for a cleaner less polluting aviation

Environmental, Social & Corporate Governance


Sustainability is at the heart of RED aircraft’s business

RED aircraft GmbH is fully compliant with the principles of environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG).

A compression-ignition engine, such as the RED A03 drives many environmental benefits when compared with other equivalent propulsion solutions. Characterized by significantly lower CO2 emissions, the RED A03 is also an optimal platform for development of hybrid-electric aircraft installations.

High thermodynamic efficiency drives low fuel consumption. Optimized combustion results in reduced exhaust emissions. Low exhaust noise stems from intelligent engine architecture.

The RED A03 ecological features are

    • low fuel burn
    • low exhaust gas pollution
    • reduced noise emissions
    • high thermodynamic efficiency

The RED A03 meets the demands of today’s aviation sector

Modern Aviation Requires Modern Solutions

The aviation industry has committed to take action on climate change. There is an industry-wide shift to reduce CO2 emissions from flying. The sector is attracting huge investment to achieve sustainable aviation.

RED A03 Game-changing technology is here

  • More than 50% lower fuel burn compared to turbine
  • 70% lower CO2 emissions compared to turbine engines
  • High safety features incorporated in the design
  • Ideal fit for hundreds of aircraft using outdated inefficient engine technology
  • Sustainable aviation fuel possibilities
  • Clean sheet engine design for aviation
  • Reduced noise
  • Higher thermodynamic efficiency
  • Certified by EASA, FAA, FATA & others
  • Optimal technology for hybrid-electric installations
  • Proven technology with an existing fleet using RED engines


The RED A03 engine family attained type certification in 2014 and is now validated in many countries around the globe.

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